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Things To Look For

Bowing and missing eavestrough sections are generally caused by improper spacing between fasteners and excess weight or pressure being applied in a concentrated area of the trough 

 Leaking can be caused by UV sunlight damage on the caulking, improper installation, excess debris or ice dams. 

 Eavestrough rust occurs when the gutters are clogged, the debris left sitting in the eavestrough will retain water causing the eavestrough to rust through prematurely

Small animals, insects, extreme weather conditions and severe damage to fascia, or eavestroughs can lead to soffit damage and missing pieces.

Damaged or missing fascia board and/or metal can lead to mould development and weakens the strength of the fascia metal and eavestroughs

Heat, wind, leaks, mould, insects and improper fastening can all lead to severe siding damage ​and even missing sections

When a soffit is blocked or clogged, it has inadequate airflow up to the ridge, this can be caused by insulation build up or ice dams

But Don't Worry